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Finn Hudson Audition- accepted! Please make the account and add Kurt :)

OOC Info:
Name: Esther
Age: 19
Activity Level: 8-10
Timezone: EST

Character Info:
Name: Finn Hudson
Ships: Sinn, Fory, Pinn, Finn/Chemistry
Anti-Ships: Frittany, Finn/NoChemistry
Favorite Ship: SINN omg please ;;)
*so we can make sure you get it*
Para Sample:

Finn was one of the guy in the school that was pretty dumb. Many people found it cute, but it was actually not. He didn’t know what to do in his life. He had been doubting himself ever since Quinn got knocked up by Puck. He felt like a loser. No one understood him. No one really knows how it felt to pretend to be perfect and plaster smiles like something didn’t bother him. But the truth was, he felt like his mind was playing some kind of tricky game to him.

He constantly found himself watching in awe of his teammates’ bodies that were glistening with water dripping to their built pecks. But he never admitted it fully, though, nor gave it a second thought. He was still kind of getting all excited about seeing girls in his school with short skirts and pooping boobs, so it didn’t really bother him. He just decided that those feelings were just parts of turning into a teenager. Puberty or whatever he had heard from sex-ed class. That was until he heard something called bisexuality. But it was still hard for him to admit it, considering being bisexual was pretty much the same as being gay. And until now, the secret was just still a secret.

Anything Else? Oh, Finn is bi, aside from that, nothing else :D

Main characters still needed!:

•Finn Hudson
•Sam Evans
•Noah Puckerman
•Mercedes Jones
•Tina Cohen-Chang
•Mike Chang
•Artie Abrams
•Joe Hart
•Cooper Anderson

*And even though we accepted a Jesse St. James audition, we will still take them because we have yet to receive the account for it*

Audition now!
Everyone is very much wanted and we’d love to have you!

Sebastian audition- Accepted! Great job. Please make the account and add Kurt

OOC Info:
Name: Abbi
Age: 15.
Activity Level: 7-8.
Timezone: GMT.

Character Info:
Name: Sebastian Smythe.
Ships: St Smythe, Seblaine, Sambastian, Puckbastian, Sebby/Any.
Anti-Ships: Kurtbastian.
Favorite Ship: St Smythe (I was so excited when I saw that your Jesse shipped it too.. it’s a total crack!ship so I never see it anywhere D:)
*so we can make sure you get it*
Para Sample:

Sebastian bit down hard on his bottom lip and stood rooted to the spot, every muscle in his body too shocked to move. Everything felt numb in way, and like the whole world around him just stopped and blurred away. The painful tingling and sudden heat that flooded his left cheek was explanation enough though, and Sebastian was well aware of what had just happened. The usually cocky teenager brought his hand to the inflamed patch of skin, touching it gently, but snapping his hand back out of the way when a sharp sting rippled across his cheek. Slowly, Sebastian raised his head and narrowed his eyes, his breathing laboured and heavy. You would’ve swore that his gaze was sharp enough to cut salami, and that the person on the receiving end should run away. Fast. But the grey-haired, trembling, red-faced man on the other side of the room didn’t run. He didn’t say a word. The man simply stood there, boring a hole into his son’s face, neither of them moving a muscle.

At the sound of the front door clicking open, Sebastian suddenly snapped back into the real world. His father’s new ‘girlfriend’ was home. And she’d see the mess that himself and his father had created. Then she’d get frightened and leave, and his father would blame him for the break-up. Sebastian always seemed to be getting blamed for things.

The family room lay in tatters. There were several broken vases shattered, the millions of expensive shards scattered all over the floor, the mahogany coffee table was overturned, there was now a rather large dent in the skirting board and the stereo was now lying on the floor, broken beyond repair. There had been many rowdy arguments before this, but this time had to be the worst yet. The head Warbler heard the sharp gasp that came from behind him. He heard the ‘clack’ of her stiletto heels race across the spacious foyer. He heard the nasally, irritating feminine voice call out, “What the absolute fuck happened in here?!”

Sebastian felt the scorching rage bubbling in his stomach. ‘How fucking dare she intrude right now…’ thought the head Warbler, before turning sharply on his heel, darting towards the front door. What stopped him up short, was the deep rumbling of his father’s voice booming from the dining room. “If you leave this house right now, don’t even bother coming back” he snarled, making Sebastian’s breath hitch momentarily. With a flick of the wrist, the lanky teenager had grabbed his car keys, and was out the door like a bat out of hell.

Once Sebastian was situated in his car, cruising down the highway, he finally felt the ability to let go of the breath he didn’t even know he was holding. He felt free. Free from all the bullshit he’d managed to put up with for 17 miserable years. Along with the freedom, there was the sharp twist of sadness and pain. The pain of his mother abandoning them when he was little. The pain of having his father become distant and uncaring, almost like he wasn’t a father at all. It felt like the man he called his ‘father’ was more like a necessary guardian, someone who was forced into living with him and looking after him. All this pain was always hard to deal with, and Sebastian was going to deal with it the only way he knew how. ‘Learned habit..’ the cocky Warbler thought bitterly to himself as the shining neon sign came closer in his peripheral vision. Once he’d parked his car, Sebastian climbed out, making his way to the door and flashing the bouncer a cheeky wink. As soon as he was inside, Sebastian made a bee-line for the bar. The barman seemed to know the tall, slim student. “Just the usual tonight then, Sebby…?” he said, throwing Sebastian a flirty smile, before really taking a closer look at the boy’s face, “…Geez dude, what happened to your face?” he exclaimed, focusing in on the boy’s scarlet cheek. Sebastian just smiled and leaned his elbow on the bar. “Yeah, I’ll take the usual. Just, make it a large Tony, thanks…” he said, his face not giving any evidence of a change in expression, as he answered back, “…Don’t worry, it’s all good. My guy last night had a certain kink, and you know I’m all too willing to try out new things” he said confidently, picking up the drink and knocking it back in one gulp.

Just keep drinking, Sebby…’ the voice in the back of his head called, Sebastian not missing a beat as he moved to grab the next drink offered on the counter,

‘…because that always makes the pain go away, doesn’t it?’.

Anything Else?: Nope :3

Jesse St. James Audition- Accepted!:) Please make the account and add Kurt! :D

Name: Garima

Age: 16

Activity Level: 8 (because I have to go to school)

Timezone: IST


Name: Jesse St. James

Ships: Jesse/Rachel, Jesse/Sebastian, Jesse/Quinn

Anti-ships: Jesse/Finn, Jesse/Rachel/Finn

Favorite ship: Jesse/Rachel

Para Sample:

The muscles in his legs were protesting the heels, his arms were tired of staying in this bizarre position, and he couldn’t breathe because of the fabric covering his face. As much as he respected Lady Gaga for her theatricality, originality, and pure diva behavior, he has no idea how she wore the stuff she did.

“Ms. Corcoran?”

What was she doing here? He was suddenly very grateful of the red fabric. He didn’t think their relationship could survive a blow this big. And is she crazy? Walking into a place where she knows everyone would cheerfully rip out her vocal chords?

“I’m Rachel Berry. I’m your daughter.”

But..oh. Of course. She figured it out. Shelby gave the day off but everyone stayed back just to see this play out. He peeks out and sees Rachel sitting a few rows ahead of Shelby. Of course. Trust her to be dramatic even about this.

Did you ever regret it?”

“Yes. Then no. Then so much.”

“W-When did you realize it was the right time for me to find you?”

“I saw you sing at sectionals. You were extraordinary. You were me.”

Suddenly he was filled with this uncontrollable urge to hit something. Or someone. He wasn’t picky. But for Shelby to use that sentence to describe Rachel, that she nothing better than a copy of Shelby made him really mad. Then she says something about sad and thirsty and water, and just when he thought that he couldn’t have been more mad, Shelby mentions something about how she missed out on Rachel’s childhood and how Rachel doesn’t need her anymore.

No way. Shelby did not just have him do all of this, have him be an accomplice in her breaking a legal contract, just to turn Rachel away. He would be having a few words with her. Soon.

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